Who is Baboon

We are a communication consulting company, founded in Milan in 2011 by bringing together different skills. Our company aims to create an innovative and advanced reality offering all communication services to companies and organisations in an integrated manner.

The consulting approach

The distinctive elements of our approach to communication are the strategic vocation for projects and closeness to the customer, to its needs and to its business objectives over the short, medium and long term on a common path.

Tailor-made paths

Baboon’s communication projects are always tailor-made, by taking into account the characteristics of the company, the context in which it operates and its objectives.

It is a path faced with an integrated approach to communication that takes into account many factors and accompanies the customer in his growth by mixing the necessary communication actions, harmonising them with the marketing and commercial tools put in place by the company.

The method:
pragmatic and transversal

In order to create an effective system and manage complexity at best, we have devised a Baboon method that has been consolidated over time. It puts the interlocutor, the company and the organisation at the centre and is a clear and transparent process through which we analyse, share and put into practice clear and measurable actions.

The pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach of this model makes it possible to apply it in any context and field. We believe in transversality and multiple channels and have turned them into the main assets of our way of working alongside customers that operate in any context or industry both nationally and internationally.

as a value

In the world of communication, the key word today is interdisciplinary.

The trend is an ever-increasing interconnection and contamination among industries and practices. And this trend is capable of giving impetus, originality and innovation to communication actions.

We work with companies, organisations, consulting and service companies, public bodies and professionals working in a certain way, by taking an in-depth look at their communication languages and codes, but with a broader systemic vision, as we believe that seizing stimuli, interrelations and interconnections is a great opportunity to bring innovation in all areas.

and Networking

We believe in the value of people and in enhancement of the aptitudes of the individual, which, if recognised and nurtured, form a prepared, aware and close-knit team.

Today Baboon is composed of a team of 11 people who assist the customer in all phases with the expertise required by the projects.
We believe in networking, in the network of relationships based on transparency, trust and respect.

With this logic, over the years we have built a network of consolidated partners that broaden and strengthen the services offered and allow us to add strategic and innovative elements and to act as a single interlocutor able to connect a variety of buyers and sellers.

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