& Visual Communication

Bowls and more

Food retail brand

Food retailing is an ever-changing sector, a field of experimentation of original and innovative formats. The objective is to help transform the project, make idea concrete and create the communicative conditions so that the Bowls and More brand and its food experience proposal is clear and recognisable in all its facets and can evolve and grow over time.

Social Media Strategy
& Web Marketing

We have been working with Bowls and More since its launch, creating and declining the image of the brand in store, online and in all communication materials.

Press Office
& Digital PR

The project also covers market positioning and all activities related to classic and influencer engagement media and management of social network channels.

28 gennaio 2019


Nuova moda: basta sushi arriva la poté bowl. Dove a Milano?

20 febbraio 2019


Bowls&mMore, a Milano il bello della cucina fast

5 febbraio 2019


Nuove aperture a Milano, i 6 locali da provare durante l’inverno

6 novembre 2019


Bowls and More e il suo primo anno di Festa con i clienti tra piatti salutari e location ispirate alla sostenibilità

15 novembre 2019


Bowls and more continua la crescita a Milano

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