ESG Strategy


Baboon helps you develop the best ESG Communications strategy for your company

ESG Strategy: what is it about?

Today, every company has a duty to communicate its environmental commitment and develop an ESG Strategy. The plan for ESG, or Environmental, Social, Governance Communications must set goals and serve to develop content and tools. And, based on this, a company can implement concrete actions.

Baboon helps you prepare the best strategy and implement a structured ESG communications plan. ESG communications also includes the fact of sharing results and actions with all reference points, starting from the internal ones, like employees and collaborators, to the external ones, like customers and investors.

ESG Communications: why include it in a strategic plan? Baboon helps you

Baboon develops and includes a company’s ESG Communications plan in a broader outlook.

Our goal is to become the only partner for companies, creating with clients the path to take together. To do this we use a circular approach and an omni-channel strategy.

We integrate ESG communications within an all-round business strategy, creating the appropriate storytelling to illustrate it and generate value. Are you ready to improve your company’s brand awareness and brand reputation?

Baboon: your Sustainability Manager in Milan

Do you need someone to help you convey the results of your sustainability investments to the general public? Baboon is your Sustainability Manager in Milan. We help you give life to an ESG communications plan, to give value to your storytelling and to narrate the actions taken by your company to the outside world. 

Baboon takes care of your marketing and communications business strategy.

Since 2013, we have been developing integrated marketing and communications projects in support of companies, organizations and startups. Our goal is to improve positioning, visibility and recognizability of companies and brands.

Don’t fall behind: trust Baboon. Keep up: Trust Baboon

We are the strategic consulting company and marketing and communications agency you are looking for. 

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