Realtà aumentata e Realtà virtuale


We help you create a new brand experience

Baboon creates AR/VR experiences for your company

Are you thinking of offering your customers a unique immersive experience? Augmented reality and virtual reality may be for you. Trust Baboon: we analyze your needs, your reference market and offer you the right solution for your needs.

Thanks to our AR/VR solutions, we stand alongside companies. Together we evaluate all the possible applications of the technology that interests you to get you the result you want: improve business processes and involve your customers through the best possible customer experience.

Are you ready to offer a unique customer experience? Trust Baboon!

Today companies have at their disposal an even more engaging tool from an emotional point of view: augmented reality and virtual reality. Baboon helps you develop your VR and AR project, allowing you to enrich your brand experience for potential customers.

This service can be used by anyone: companies, but also museums and event organizers. Virtual reality is the ideal channel to tell an engaging story and elicit the much desired "wow effect"!

We create augmented and virtual reality solutions tailored to your brand

Today it is essential to be able to offer a unique, memorable and multi-channel customer experience. And that's what AV/VR platforms are for: gain ground over your competitors and start developing an augmented reality and virtual reality experience for your customers today. Baboon puts experience and skills at your disposal. Evaluate all the possibilities available to you together with our professionals and look to the future.

Baboon takes care of your marketing and communications business strategy.

Since 2013, we have been developing integrated marketing and communications projects in support of companies, organizations and startups. Our goal is to improve positioning, visibility and recognizability of companies and brands.

Don’t fall behind: trust Baboon. Keep up: Trust Baboon

We are the strategic consulting company and marketing and communications agency you are looking for. 

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