Social Media Strategy, Web marketing
& Personal Branding

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn, each social network has its own specific characteristics, its strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully assessed before implementing any Social Media Strategy.
After choosing the right channel, Baboon develops a personalised strategy by creating an editorial plan that, depending on the social network chosen, can include copy-writing and graphics with a final analysis of the results in terms of interaction with users, fan base reached or based on the goals set. In support of social media activities or in any case to achieve the objective of an effective brand presence on the web, Baboon can structure web marketing actions by using established partners. As part of the digital strategy, Baboon can structure personal branding projects aimed at building or increasing the reputation of professional or managerial figures who have set the goal of becoming influencers in their field of expertise.

The most strategic social network channels for the communication plan:

Facebook – the contents channel: in-depth information on products, brand initiatives, corporate themes, storytelling.

Instagram – the images channel: “aesthetic” and lifestyle approach that enhances the style of the brand through beautiful images, visually expressing the philosophy and values of the brand;

LinkedIn – the B2B channel: business approach with information that can be of interest to the reference sector and professionals but also to the end user; a sort of digital business card functional to development of the brand.

Social Media Service 

  • Concept/restyling pages and social media profiles
  • Content strategy, editorial plan and copy-writing
  • Visual creation and iconography
  • Gamification
  • Budgeting and planning of social media advertising
  • Social media performance analysis

Web Marketing Services 

  • Production of Digital Business Model Canvas
  • Digital SWOT & Competitor Analyses
  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • Creation of Ads (Account settings, Campaign strategies, Campaign management) 
  • SEO (Contents development, Strategy and Application on websites) 
  • Analyses and execution of Buyer Personas and the drafting of a Digital Customer Journey (creation of specifically studied questionnaires, qualitative and quantitative analyses) 
  • Social media: Facebook/Instagram Ads (Installation of Pixels, Campaign Strategies, Campaign Management, Business Managers) 
  • Digital Copywriting 

Prospective activities

  • CRM installation (e.g. HubSpot/Mailup), Google Tag Manager, reporting in Data Studio.
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